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Could The Walking Dead Movies Be About a Cure?


From comedian guide communities to a transformation of nation to a remedy.

Caution: The next comprises spoilers for The Strolling Lifeless episode, “What Comes After.”

Now that Rick Grimes’ ultimate Strolling Lifeless “episode” (which used to be it sounds as if additionally Maggie’s closing episode, for now) is in our rearview and the Rick Grimes “film” trilogy is at the approach, let’s placed on our pondering caps and check out to theorize what those new giant aspect quests will likely be about. We all know the display’s taking Rick, and us, to “a complete other nook of the arena” for, consistent with EP/author Scott Gimple, “giant evolutions of what we’ve been doing at the display, with the scope and scale of options.”

At this level, how can The Strolling Lifeless get larger? We have now noticed massive communities stand up and move to battle with one every other. Between the 2 AMC displays we’ve got witnessed large herds, survivalist camps, dam explosions, or even towns like Los Angeles and Atlanta get overrun with hordes of zombies. What does big name Andrew Lincoln imply when he says he likes the speculation of “a larger tale, possibly with a form of wider vista?” Are we leaving the U.S.? Are we headed to Nome, Alaska or the French Riviera? What offers?

Listed here are 3 issues the Rick Grimes Strolling Lifeless motion pictures may well be about…

The Commonwealth

If we are preserving it easy and searching for one thing hooked up to the comedian collection, tethered to the supply subject material, then The Commonwealth is a simple pick out. With technological achievements and benefits some distance past that of Hilltop and Alexandria, and round 50,000 citizens, this position is probably the most complex and closely populated town presented within the Kirkman comics.


The Commonwealth, made from dozens of hooked up townships, has tune venues, sports activities arenas, and lots of touchstones of the outdated international. It is indubitably the kind of position to have helicopters at its disposal (like the only Rick left the collection in) and it is indubitably within the normal tri-state neighborhood of the place the display’s been happening in those later seasons.

Although, as simple a solution as The Commonwealth could be, it is also an not going subsequent forestall for Rick since those motion pictures are being puffed up as an “authentic Rick Grimes tale.” It is not a lock, no, however all of the interviews being carried out about those motion pictures subtly recommend a large damage from the comics. Plus, The Commonwealth would possibly exist already at the collection. Georgie and all her at hand tips on civilization and agriculture could also be Commonwealth-related. There used to be additionally that signpost that learn “Toledo” previous this season. And, one of the most new characters presented at the display, on the very finish of “What Comes After,” are a part of The Commonwealth storyline within the comedian. So it will additionally make sense for The Commonwealth to stay a long run display component.


No Shades Hut? SMDH.

There may be additionally a powerful argument against Georgie’s the town, or “Toledo” (whether or not they are the similar factor or now not) being The Commonwealth since it will be atypical for A: a spot this large and complex to exist at the display whilst nobody actively talks about it, and B: this position to have existed thru the brand new six-year time bounce find it irresistible’s now not an enormous deal.

Some distance From House

We haven’t any tale specifics in thoughts, however let’s consider that Rick’s taken out of all the nation. Like, in another country.

For something, it will remedy the entire “Why does not Rick ever stroll again house?” conundrum. As a result of even supposing he is taken a couple of states away – hell, even supposing he is taken to Canada – that is Rick Grimes. There is not any approach he’s going to come to a decision to let his family members assume he is lifeless. We simply noticed Morgan stroll all of the solution to Texas as a result of he used to be frightened and insane. Rick Grimes needs to be totally incapable of having again to Alexandria. And it could take an ocean.

Additionally, one of the vital giant causes Andrew Lincoln left the collection used to be as a result of he did not like being clear of his circle of relatives and taking pictures in Atlanta for 9 months out of the yr. Despite the fact that starring in those motion pictures takes up approach much less time, would it not even be more straightforward in the event that they had been shot elsewhere? Someplace within the U.Okay. or thereabouts?

Shifting the films to another nation would additionally feed into the entirety Gimple and Lincoln are pronouncing in regards to the motion pictures involving yet-unseen worlds, new corners, and issues fanatics were pronouncing for years that they wish to see in a zombie apocalypse. Giving us a have a look at the a lot higher international, outdoor of North The us, can be a rad twist.

The Remedy

The Strolling Lifeless continues to take flak, particularly as it is reworked into an exhaustively long-running collection, over its loss of an endgame. There is not any intuitive finish level inside the established tale for this display. Again in Season 1, in a damage from the comics, Rick’s group visited the CDC for a spell. Not anything got here of it apart from to determine that everybody on the earth used to be inflamed with a plague that turns them into zombies once they die, regardless of how they die.

Some other factor fanatics and critics have had during the last few years is the display’s reliance on reasonable smoke and mirrors-style deception. From Glenn’s faked dying to… smartly, the new trickery involving Rick now not loss of life, and as a substitute proceeding in those motion pictures, the display’s cutesy techniques for seeking to idiot its audience have landed less-than-ideally.


You might be all inflamed. Additionally, a few of you might be most certainly Russian spies.

What if, so to make it as much as us, those motion pictures give the display a real preventing level? That is not to mention the entirety ends with the 3rd film, however what if Rick’s journey comes to folks seeking to uncover a real remedy? That is the way you in the end finish all the franchise. Rick’s these days headed to a spot that has get right of entry to to army tech and clinical provides. Possibly it is a base, possibly it is a analysis facility. Something’s needless to say: This workforce calls for human specimens.

So what is an “A” and what is a “B?”

First of all, it gave the look of a nod to the Whisperers (who’re coming to the collection). You then form of have to seem again at all of the “A” symbolism at the display (from the Terminus markings to the Alexandria tags to Daryl’s potato sack). In case you are ready to peer Anne’s storyline, and her As and Bs, as a brand spanking new factor despite the fact that, and have a look at what they imply with relation to Rick and Gabriel, it sort of feels like those helicopter persons are searching for folks who have been bitten.

An “A” could be any person lately bitten. When Anne used to be taking a look to donate Gabriel, and Rick in the past (she marked his container with an “A”), she used to be solving to have them get chomped by means of considered one of her home made walker contraptions. Then, once they had been inflamed, they had been set to get carted off to a spot the place science-type stuff may well be carried out.

A “B” is most certainly any person who is now not bitten. Or possibly it method any person now not bitten however injured, like Rick used to be on the finish of his closing episode when Anne scooped him up as a “B.” The chopper group would nonetheless have a use for them, medically talking.

Those motion pictures may just contain a remedy or, within the very least, folks searching for one. Both approach, it is the simplest viable endgame choice this display has. Despite the fact that there are plans for it to proceed on for every other decade. This is hoping they use this chance to make that bounce.

For extra on The Strolling Lifeless, see why Carl did not make an look in Rick’s ultimate episode, and why we predict the display’s newest time bounce is a brilliant thought.

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