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Guantánamo Bay branded a 'stain on US human rights record'

Guantánamo Bay stays a “stain at the human rights document” of the United States and the scene of ongoing human rights violations, stated Amnesty World upfront of a rally in Washington to mark the 17th anniversary of its opening.

The USA naval jail at Guantánamo in Cuba – opened on 11 January 2002 – nonetheless holds 40 Muslim males, a lot of whom were tortured. Lots of the detainees were cleared for switch for years.

Opened within the weeks following the September 11 assaults in 2001, the jail, which as soon as housed virtually 250 inmates, has lengthy been a supply of controversy.

Despite the fact that Barack Obama promised to near it whilst in place of job, decreasing the collection of inmates from loads to a couple of dozen, it has remained in operation since Donald Trump, his successor as US president, signed an government order to stay it open.

Obama had argued that repairs of an detention facility past the achieve of US legislation undermined the rustic’s international management on human rights, however Trump overturned that coverage in January 2018, pronouncing that he anticipated new captives can be despatched to the jail.

Amongst those is Toffiq al-Bihani, who used to be tortured by means of the CIA sooner than he used to be despatched to Guantánamo in 2003. He has been cleared for switch since 2010.

“Seventeen years of detention for free of charge for lots of the males who stay there and a doubtful army commissions procedure at highest have resulted within the detention camps at Guantánamo changing into the very image of arbitrary detention on this planet,” stated Dr Asim Qureshi, analysis director at the United Kingdom rights organisation Cage, which counts a number of former Guantánamo detainees amongst its campaigners.

“As lengthy people proceed to be detained there, any requires human rights by means of the United States will ring hole.”

Daphne Eviatar,director of safety with human rights for Amnesty World US, stated: “Guantánamo continues to function as a logo of Islamophobia that embodies the fear-mongering and xenophobia that defines Trump’s presidency.

“Those that are cleared will have to be transferred right away, and all different prisoners will have to both be charged and slightly attempted or launched, to permit this shameful establishment to near completely.”

As a part of its efforts to transparent the camp, the Obama management transferred 200 inmates to different international locations. On the other hand, 40 stay within the jail complicated on a small US-run enclave at the southern coast of Cuba, following resistance from the Pentagon and the reluctance of international governments to simply accept the remainder detainees.

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