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RDR2 Mysterious Crime Scene Locations and Mission Guide

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The crime scene with the “LOOK ON MY WORKS” graffiti and a treasure map crammed in a decapitated head is the primary time many gamers will come across the clues to the venture, American Goals, a Strangers Aspect Quest a couple of serial killer in Pink Useless Redemption 2. This web page incorporates a map to all homicide scenes and a Walkthrough for the American Goals venture.


There are 3 Homicide Scenes to search out in Pink Useless Redemption 2, each and every with a portion of a map shoved within the decapitated head’s mouth. This can be a graphic venture, so be able to peer that going ahead.

With 3 items of the map printed, you’ll head to the killer’s hidden bunker. First issues first, despite the fact that, you’ll be able to wish to consult with the primary map location. This thriller begins in Valentine.


Valentine Homicide Scene[edit]

Experience or stroll south of town, following the educate tracks. While you get with reference to the corpse you are searching for, a white flashing marker will seem for your map. If you happen to pause, you’ll be able to see a marker for a corpse. If you happen to for some explanation why should not have this pop up for your map, check out having a look agin within the night time.


As you means, spooky song performs and a few satiated birds fly off. They have got had their fill at the striking torso. If you happen to means from the north, stroll below the educate tracks and switch round towards Valentine to soak up the total scene. The phrases “Glance On My Works” are scribbled at the rocks subsequent to the bridge.


To the west of the striking corpse is the lacking head. Means it, and you are able to gather the primary of 3 map items that’ll lead you to the killer. Now, onto the following location.

Giant Valley Homicide Scene[edit]

If you end up driving southwest of Wallace Station in West Elizabeth, you might even see any other corpse marked for your map. That is it. The following homicide scene. Go south of the river in certainly one of its slower issues, or take the path west of Wallace Station the great distance round.


You’ll be able to to find this corpse strung up in a similar way to the primary, despite the fact that it isn’t so prime up. The phrases “Do You See?” are written subsequent to the most important chew of the frame on a boulder.


You’ll be able to to find the pinnacle at the huge boulder subsequent to the striking corpse. Investigate cross-check the pinnacle to get the following piece of the puzzle. The 3rd and ultimate striking corpse is some distance from this location.

Scarlett Meadows Homicide Scene[edit]

The 3rd and ultimate corpse may also be discovered within the southern a part of Lemoyne. Experience east of Braithwaite Manor to search out the scene. It is even more uncomplicated to identify at the hours of darkness. The scene is illuminated via a unmarried lantern.

Corpse 3.png

The killer has stopped soliciting for us to do issues, and is now presenting. The phrase “Behold” is written at the tree to the proper of the striking torso. The succinct message makes for a becoming finish to their path with the 3rd and ultimate piece of the map provide on this location.


You’ll be able to to find the decapitated head at the different facet of the tree. Take the general piece of the map to peer your obscure directions to search out this killer. The again of the map even demanding situations you to take action.


Serial Killer Map Answer[edit]

Please scroll down if you would like the solution to this map outright, but when you need some trace uncovering the thriller of the map as an alternative, scroll slowly.

The killer integrated little or no details about his whereabouts at the map. The primary level, the bridge, signifies that you’ll be able to wish to go away the site the place you discovered the 3rd corpse. The bushes proven at the drawn map do not fit those rising in Lemoyne, suggesting it is protected to depart the state. It would be best to as an alternative head into New Hanover. There are just a few deserted shacks in New Hanover, however one particularly involves thoughts.

Experience towards Valentine. Now that you’ve got the map completed, RDR2 will do you a want and spotlight the world in a Stranger circle.

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 7.03.57 PM.png

There is just one construction that matches the drawing right here: Fortunate’s Cabin. Experience out to the cabin that is simply off the path.

While you arrive, your horse could also be scared away. There are many snakes slithering across the cabin, so do not be shocked. As an alternative, means the cellar door. Arthur will bear in mind the code at the map so that you should not have to. Input the spooky cellar. When within, you should definitely investigate cross-check the whole lot and take what you need. While you go away, you can not go back.

Analyzing the knife protruding of a corpse at the back of the cabin triggers the following tournament: Arthur’s come across with the killer. All through this tournament, you can not shoot the serial killer or you are going to fail the venture. As an alternative, stay up for the button steered to marvel Arthur’s attacker then knock him out in a fist struggle.

With the assassin down, you’ll hogtie him and cargo him at the again of your horse. Experience into Valentine and ship him to the sheriff.

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 7.15.06 PM.png

When triggered, position the person in entrance of the sheriff’s table. Arthur will provide an explanation for all he is aware of in regards to the killer to the sheriff. Because the sheriff takes the person to his cellular, the person whips round in a frenzy and, whilst barking some ordinary noise, assaults the sheriff. Whip out your pistol and use Useless Eye to kill the insane guy attacking the sheriff. In case you are too gradual, the sheriff will care for the problem himself. You’re going to now not be rewarded if that occurs.

With the madman lifeless, the sheriff will thanks in your lend a hand and awards Arthur $20. Case closed.

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