What to consider when choosing a good cryptocurrency exchange?

You are planning to buy cryptocurrency, but how do you choose a good and reliable cryptocurrency exchange? To buy and sell cryptocurrencies it is necessary to use an exchange. Crypto exchanges make it possible to trade Bitcoin and Altcoins. In this article, we provide tips for choosing the best crypto exchange.

How do you choose the best cryptocurrency exchange?

Choosing the best cryptocurrency can be very difficult. Choosing a well-known crypto exchange, such as Knaken , Bitvavo or Litebit, is often a good choice. However, which one is best for you also depends on the wishes you have. Do you want to buy and / or sell a specific Altcoin? Then it is wise to first check whether that is possible with the exchange that you have in mind. In addition, it is smart to take the following points into account:


One of the most important requirements when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange is security. Of course, you shouldn’t think about having your money stolen when making an exchange. That is why it is important to consider the security of a crypto exchange heavily in your choice. Also make sure that the web address always starts with HTTPS. This way you can be sure that the connection is secure.

Ease of use

The ease of use of a cryptocurrency exchange is extremely important. It is nice if the website works clearly and everything is easy to find. Good customer service is also important if you cannot find a solution. Furthermore, you naturally want to be able to buy and sell cryptos in a simple way. Preferably with the lowest possible transaction costs.

Crypto supply

Each crypto exchange has a different range of cryptos that can be traded. On some exchanges you can only trade Bitcoin and the largest altcoins, while another exchange has many more options. So pay attention to the offer of cryptos when choosing an exchange for cryptocurrencies. 

Payment options

Also an important point to pay attention to is the payment options with a crypto exchange. Pay attention to whether you can pay with euros via iDeal and whether you can have cryptos paid out in euros. This is often possible with a crypto exchange . It is important to pay extra attention to this at international exchanges.